24 February 2018

INCCODE Strategy

The holistic nature of community Development requires collaboration, consensus and partnership across different actors and sectors.  Each development sector — health, nutrition, human rights protection, education, water and sanitation — has its own priorities, but;-

•    Each sector also has a significant role to play in the development of empowered community.  
•    Each development partner is able to reach different audiences through various methods and individual strengths.  

INCCODE is a strong believer in partnership and collaborative action.  It is only through successful partnerships that our society can be reached with services and support. To this end, INCCODE works with a wide range of stakeholders from governments, national and international non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies, community and local organizations and individual families.  
INCCODE partnerships in community development promote wider investment in young children, youth and adult citizen, the scaling up of critical programmes and the broader fulfillment of community empowerment.
INCCODE is proud to work with these and many other organizations in efforts to provide integrated services and a supportive policy environment for young children, youth and adult citizens.