24 February 2018

Utawala Library




Library Mission

It is the mission of the INCCODE COMMUNITY LIBRARY & RESOURCE CENTRE to provide the educational resources needed to meet the academic and research demands of the community. The Library is the center for learning materials and it serves as an important teaching agency by providing bibliographic advice. Formal and informal instructions are given in the use of the Library to Community members through the orientation sessions as well as bibliographic instruction as requested. The programs and services of the Library are geared toward implementing the mission of the INCCODE with the specific objectives of meeting the educational needs of the Community and to provide community service.


Library Objectives

1. To develop collections of materials that support, enrich and satisfy the curricula and research needs of Community at UTAWALA and its neighbourhood.

2. To encourage use of the library and its facilities by the general public and academic community.

3. To aid and instruct members of the community and staff in the use of the library and to provide bibliographic guides to the contents of the collection.

4. To investigate the changing educational needs of the community and to provide access to information, programs and services.

5. To provide reference and research services by a variety of means, including printed materials and electronic resources.

6. To provide a wide variety of mediated programs.


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